How Hotshots Fail


Put your business in the fight to WIN

Are you a champ?
— or the one on the mat


Round 1 - Weight Class

Buying the wrong trailer is gonna knock your revenue down.

The smaller your trailer, the fewer load options you’re gonna have. Approximately 6% of all freight is less than a truckload. So the smaller you go, the less and less loads are available for you.

I know, you don’t wanna do IFTA and you don’t wanna get a CDL and you don’t wanna….we’ll you just don’t wanna make any damn money, apparently.

Hot shots that think they can beat the system are gonna get beat down. You’re up against officers on the road and audit officers. You think they’re gonna go light on you because you’re cute?

Damn you hit like a girl.


Round 2 - Homesick

If I had a dollar for every driver that said, “I wanna be home every night” or “every weekend”.

This is trucking. You know. In the truck. On the road.

If you want to be home every day, you got maybe a 250 mile radius that you can move a load.

If you want to be home every weekend, you got maybe 1200 mile radius - and best of luck finding loads that go out and come right back. Needle in a haystack for most of you.

Big prize money for light weight low miles?
— You're seeing stars. Dreamer

If you’re going to basically run “local” only, best to go apply for a j.o.b. Because you’re gonna struggle to make your operating expenses - you know, like that $1000/month insurance bill.

Who's your daddy now?

Round 3 - Ain’t got a pot to piss in

First of all, you need to have your gear. That includes tarps. Yes, they run a couple hundred bucks each. Straps, chains, binders..all that.

Second, you need some money in your pocket. Shit happens. Flat tires. They happen a lot. Guess what? If you’re loaded and get a flat on the trailer - it’s a $350 fee for a wrecker to come jack yo’ shit up and change that tire.

Your little jack aint’ gonna lift it
— Loaded trailers need a big tow truck to lift

Plus, you need money to get you from Point-A to Point-of-Deposit. Sure, you can have factoring deposit for the load same/next day. But…well, you gotta go get the load first.

What if you don’t run for a day? Or you need to go home for a few days? If a couple of days down time is gonna send your business down for good…well, you aren’t ready to get in the ring.

Maintenance. You know, taking care of the truck that takes care of you. Oil changes. Differential upkeep. (Do you know what and how to care for your differential?!)

The first 30 days
— Not all brokers will book you

During the first 30 days, not all brokers will work with you. You’re too green. More options open up after your first month, even more when you benchmark 6 months.

So don’t think you’re going to make or beat the revenues of a seasoned hotshot.

Finances are probably the number one cause of a hotshot business going out of business.

As in, getting knocked out

Round 4 - Regulation Smack Down

If you don’t know what CSA means, you’re gonna get more than a fat lip.

And if you don’t know the regs, brother you’re gonna get a beat down.

Did you know that most violations occur on the road side? Yep, inspections happen on the side of the road, not just the weigh stations.

Keep one hand on the wheel
— & the other on your docs

Record keeping. Compliance. Audits. If you don’t have one hand on the steering wheel and another on your docs, you’re leaving yourself wide open for a knock out.

You getta violation? Well, now you’re on their radar - you are more likely to get pulled in or pulled over for more inspections.

Not to mention, your violation history will def determine how soon and how deep that audit is gonna go.

Get off the ropes!

Round 5 - Poor Sportsmanship

Everything about you is digitized. And that paper trail is seen by brokers, shippers, law man and John Q Public.

Your business depends on working with others. You need the shippers and brokers to get work.

Play nice with others
— Don't bite the hand that feeds you

Once you sign that confirmation sheet, and then you say, “Oh I ain’t gonna haul that” or throw a tantrum at the shippers

Buddy, that’s all noted online.

Brokers won’t work with you. Shippers won’t work with you.

I know of at least three carriers this month, that are under a month old and already got “No Load” status from a handful of brokers.

You got hit so hard, you’re dazed & confused.

Round 6 - Can’t Block

Fighters have to protect themselves. And truckers are no different.

You have to know how to properly secure that freight.

Weight distribution - deciding where on the trailer to load what.

Not only will you get violations for this, but you’re gonna get hit. As in accidents. Insurance claims. Cargo claims. Brother, you’re bleeding on the mat here.

Accidents are probably the second most common reason hotshots go down for the count.

Insurance premiums are no joke. They’re high dollar deals. You give a semi a scrape in the parking lot - you’re gonna wind up flat on the mat after insurance steps in.

Hard punch straight to the unprotected kidney

Get in the ring to win
— Otherwise, why waste the entrant fee?

Don’t be that chump on the mat, knocked down and out.

Be the champ that wins the fight!

This is a super business - if you go in knowing it’s a business. Not a hobby. Not a dine & dash. You have to have some funds to get in, some smarts to stay clean and some understanding of the business beyond the drivers seat.

Jill Michael