Hotshots Trucking

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Hotshots Trucking

Thanks to one of our awesome carriers for sharing!

What’s Hotshot Trucking?

Hotshot trucking is usually a one-ton truck with a gooseneck flatbed trailer.

Hotshots haul partial flatbed loads. Partial, as in less than a truck load. Freight is “general freight”, most often industrial cargo or equipment.

Hotshots are “authorized” motor carriers - meaning they have been granted authority by the FMCSA. Short answer: they are commercial motor carriers.

$150,000 Hotshot Trucking Pay
— Assuming you like 10 weeks off a year

What Does Hotshot Trucking Pay?

Six-figures, before operating costs, of course. In the current 2019 market, our carriers are right around $150,000. Yeah, last year we were making $180-200K, but that was a hot-a$$ market year.

This is all going to depend on the trailer you get, the places you’re willing to go, how long you’re on the road…and so on.

In other words, most of that six-figures depends on YOU.

Are you gonna make that with a short trailer, light loads and sticking close to home. NO.

You’re the BOSS
— Working for yourself

Is Hotshot Trucking Worth It?

Let me ask you this - can you put a price on freedom? Owning your own business. No more applications & interviews. No more punching the clock. No more begging for vacation time.

Hey, it’s not cheap to get in. Take a look here.

But it’s a damn sight less than a full semi setup.

CDL Driving Test
— In your commercial pick up truck

Hotshot Trucking Without a CDL

Let me stop you right there. You want the six-figures, right? You need the CDL.

You can get one without going to school. Read here.

Did you know you can test in your “commercial vehicle” - and guess what that is? Yup, your one-ton truck and trailer. Hello.

Go all in.
— Business not a hobby

Hotshot Trucking Business

Hey hotshot, you own the company. And you, my friend, are the CEO.

If you’re coming in this as a hobby, you not only won’t make six-figures, but you may not make the operating costs either.

It’s all in.

You don’t need a job
— You need guts

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