Hotshot Hangover

Cure what ails ya

LTL RIG dispatch & back office sercvices are the Hotshot Hangover Cure

Oh My Aching Head...

Are you suffering from a Hangover? 

Hotshot Hangover occurs in both men and women - get your dosage!



Runny debt, stuffy income, "sick" time hacking for loads. 

You may have Hotshot Hangover if you are experiencing decreased income, overwhelm finding loads, inability to negotiate the best rates and/or bleeding from the bank account.

Do you suffer from big-picture blindness? Little or no freight lane development? High amounts of cheap freight? Few servings of great freight? 

Symptoms may worsen when attempting to self-medicate hotshots. Infected drivers may contaminate you by spreading inaccurate information.  


Captain Morgan says it's a mixture of fruit and grenadine.

Whoops, wrong hangover. 

Hotshot Hangover can be caused by poor logistics, lack of freight lane development, ineffective negotiating skills, running to chase any load that moves...

Chasing any load that moves?
— You've got no game.

It can also be caused by out of date business vaccinations. Is your business immune system open to infection? Are you counting on your last load to get you through? 

If so, you may be treating your business like a job. Doing so will definitely cause a Hangover. 


Money Making Medicine Cabinet

Over the counter and off-brand dispatch companies do not provide the same protection as authentic LTL RIG cure. In fact, side effects have shown to cost more, yet offer limited (if any) relief. 

It’s a business, not a job.
— Treat it as such

Preparation H 

Hotshot LTL Loads. There's already a shortage of trucks and drivers in this industry as a whole. There are more loads than drivers and that's just going to keep moving in that direction. So, come on hotshot, it's time to get working here!

Hotshots. We're here to support you. The best want to help get Hotshot Hangover Victims and their businesses back on their feet is go get rolling! 

Apply directly to Hangover Areas, as needed.
— Let us ease your pain

Vitamin C-Ya

Hotshots not running at 100%. This dose is for you. Cure runny debt, stuffy income, lost time hacking for loads. We're here to ease the pain. C-ya on the road to recovery! 

Voted Best Way to Cure Hangover
— Yeah, cause the dog hair remedy doesn't work.

Booster Shot

Jeeze, when's the last time your business got a boost? You're due for a business vaccination. No need to bend over that table, our shots go in the arm not the arse. 

Hey Hotshot, ready to get loaded?
— Cause that how we solve all our problems

When to Call for Help

If your symptoms persist for more than a few days, call LTL RIG for assistance. 

Do not let your symptoms persist! Hotshot Hangover can develop into a full blown disease - MAY CAUSE BUSINESS DEATH. Avoid this by seeking immedite business assistance from LTL RIG. 

Recommended dose for Hotshots in all US cities!
— Manufactured in Houston, TX; Available to ALL US CITIES