Let's Filter this Out

Money & Time, Stuck in Your Filters

It's Costing You

Do you find yourself pushing pedal to the metal and not getting up to highway speeds? It could be your fuel and air filter that's slowing you down. That's going to kill your HOS (hours of service). Lovely ELD says you're using up your clock, but not getting as far as you need to. 

Engines that can’t breath result in poor performance and fuel economy!
— Upgrade your air filter pronto!

The air cleaner assembly is where your engine begins making power. 

Without adequate airflow as part of the equation, your engine simply cannot breathe, resulting in poor performance and fuel economy, coupled with high exhaust gas temperatures (EGT's).  While the design of the stock intake is relatively efficient, upgrading to a higher flowing aftermarket system can drastically improve overall airflow, delivering better overall engine performance and efficiency.


Cold Air Filters run about $80. The fuel savings is going to pay for that on the first run! And you can rinse them as needed vs replacing them like the other filters,


Getting up to Speed

Your truck is your money horse. If it's slowly chugging along, so is your business revenue. Right? Don't damage your truck and risk down time, or worse, high repair costs!

This load cost me HOW MUCH in fuel?
— My profit is not secured on this load!

Keep it in your Wallet

Fuel costs are no joke in this business, no matter what the prices are. Fuel takes one of the biggest chunks out of your operating costs. Don't let those costs rise due to dirty filters! One carrier reports cutting his fuel costs by half!

Fuel costs dropped, MPG jumped up.
— Because I changed the filters

Time is Money

The rules for HOS (hours of service) are limiting enough, poor truck maintanence only adds to that problem. Slow speeds, chugging on hills and frequent fuel stops all mean low miles accomplished today. 

Filter through the BS

If you don’t give a flying filter,
— it's gonna cost ya.