Hot Shot Dispatch


You Must Be This Tall to Ride

Thank Vodka
— Low Freight Season is Over

uh oh, we’ve reached Maximum Capacity. Get on the Wait list

You Must be this Tall to Ride

Trailer length of 40 feet or more.

35+5 is optimal! If you’re shorter than this, please step out of line and head to the next ride. Your trailer must be a deck-over, specifically.

Load capacity is 16K pounds or more.

Sure, we might load you with lighter weight, but you need the capacity.

Driver is OTR only.

No local-yocals here. We run where the money is, not where the house is.

What is my load capacity?
— Load Capacity = Trailer GWVR - empty weight

This ain’t no kiddie ride

Active MC Authority.

Day 1 is a-okay. Ready to roll? IRP, IFTA, UCR, ELD, CDL, ….continue with all acronyms.

Navigate your way to better pay and avoid the dead end spots!
— You drive freight. We drive your business.


Dispatch Fees

We offer two programs for dispatch fees. Flat and percent. Let’s talk about which one is best for you.

We negotiate the best rates for the lane and day, and try to roll in the dispatch fees into the load rate.

Am I contracted for a certain amount of time? 

Never! We work every day to earn your business, no long-term contracts to sign. If you ever have any problems, we will make every effort to satisfy them and meet your needs. However, we also know that from time to time business changes. You will be welcome back at any time you choose. 

Does LTL RIG pay me for my loads? 

Never! We don't get between a truck and it's money. All load funding is paid directly to you by your factoring company or shipper. 

How do I get paid? 

We DO NOT accept payment for your loads. Brokers and/or factoring companies pay you directly.

You shoot the load docs to your factoring company, BOOM, ya get paid directly. No factoring company? Read this.

Do I have to use your services for every load? 

Not at all. Many of our Carriers use us on an “as needed basis”. We will discuss all of this with you when you sign on. The only thing we ask is that you give us as much time as possible ahead, so we can better plan for your needs, and if your status changes let us know as well.

If you use us randomly, bet your revenue is random, too.
— We use strategy, not shooting at anything that moves!

If you land yourself in a dead-end location and that’s the only time you call for help…we don’t have a magic pot of load gold. It’s a dead end. Take a card from the deck, go back two spaces & lose next turn.

Do you check the broker's credit worthiness? 

Yes, we do. We utilize the credit request system through your factoring company to ensure they are accepted; if you give us access to do this. You want to know the factoring company will buy that invoice & pay you, right?

What if I don't have a factoring company? 

We can assist you in setting up with the best factoring company for you.  Or if you’ve got the coin to wait 60-days for payments to roll in, by all means, go for it.

Paying high factoring fees?
— ask us about companies hotshots love!


Don't lose time and money on the road!

Self dispatching costs you 5% in lost time, 3% in board fees, and an average of 12% in lower rates. We pay the board fees. We negotiate the best rates! You keep driving. Our services pay for themselves! Load boards leave 20% or more on the, hello, we negotiate directly with shippers on your behalf! 

And we know what we're talking about, because our office used to be behind the wheel, too. We've driven OTR in semis and 3500s. So, we know

Jill Michael