Well, shucks....


A: I don’t have my own authority.

We do require you have your own authority. You need to be able to submit your MC Certificate from the FMCSA, along with your other carrier docs to create a packet for shippers/brokers.

If you work under another authority & are interested in us dispatching you - we simply need their approval and carrier packet. Reach out to us to find out what it is we need. contact us

A: My trailer can’t load 40ft of freight.

Unfortunately, we need to maximize load options by having trailers 40ft or greater. A 35+5 is super.

If you are not able to load 40ft - we do not currently have openings for any shorties.

A: I need to be home every week.

It’s counter productive to take loads that leave home and return to home in the same week. It really limits the radius that you can run. It also means taking loads that go in the direction you want, instead of going in the direction of money.

Check it out here.

A: I only run regional.

Currently, we service carriers that run in multiple regions. Staying regional only, will again, limit your revenue.

Even if you’re in a good paying region, staying within that region will surely mean short hauls. So even with a decent RPM, the total rate - and the total you make for that day, is not so great.