Hot Shot Dispatch Services

We’ve been right where you are.


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We’ve been there. We drove, too.

Traded the semi for a hotshot
— And never looked back

We’ve done it. So can you.

We started off as OTR semi truck drivers. Traded that sleeper-cab office for a crew-cab. Instant pay bump. We never looked back. 

Honk and Wave
— see Mr Rig on the road

Our Office Used to Roll

It was the MRS that got her CDL first. Girls are better drivers. *Note the comments section for this post is turned OFF.* Well, a few months later, the MR couldn't be shown up. 

MRS drove semi OTR for two companies. Downsized to a crew-cab, making adjustments for sleeping, storage and potties. But that's a story for another day.

Freight Champions

Finally, traded in the rolling office for a brick & mortar. Behind this screen is a smart gal, if I do say so myself, having played both the driver and owner side of things.

MR can still be seen at the truck stops. (Go ahead and use those shower credit, dear) The MR is still running hot shot; loving every minute of it. Says he likes having no boss....hello? If you got a MRS, you got a boss.

LTL rigs are BIG business
— LTL is the new big


Take advantage and use all the tools in your box. You can grow from a one-operator business, scaling to a multi-truck carrier. We can help you every step of the way.

We just wanted to let you know, that unlike most Dispatch Services, we've been exactly where you are.


We got it.


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From driver to owner
— and more

from here to there…

I went from an OTR company driver to a "hotshot" driver & being my own boss. I was not contracted or leased on to anyone. As an owner operator I was liberated; I'm my own boss!

I was also responsible for making all the decisions and selling my services. This took more than just CDL skills & road-worthy experience.

Like most of you, I started out relying on load boards and a handful of brokers. It was time consuming and tedious process to find loads, confirm information & credit, get set-up packets in for each new shipper.... Lots of calling.

Plus, figuring out if the rate would work, hoping I'd find a back haul load. I determined my rate based on other board-dependant carriers, without considering all the variables. I ran all over, thinking the more areas I was available, then the more I'd make.

My income was all over the map, too. And home time? That usually meant I was either taking a cheap load or I was waiting around for a few days, before I could get anything to my hometown.

Work smart
— Make the most

And then, I got smart.